Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Today’s bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings are complex, and the global distressed investment environment is even more fast-moving and dynamic. The increasingly globalized economies and multi-jurisdiction deployment of business only complicate the picture of corporate liquidation and rescue. For clients facing those critical moments, our Bankruptcy & Restructuring attorneys help them develop flexible and creative solutions to tackle debt problems and navigate the bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings. With a deep understanding of the struggle of the over-indebted and their needs to get a fresh start, our attorneys are also committed to taking care of individual debtors and help them obtain the relief they are entitled to under the bankruptcy law. In our bankruptcy & restructuring practice, we focus on:

  • General bankruptcy counseling and navigation
  • Chapter 11 reorganization advice
  • Chapter 7 filing and debtor-counseling
  • Chapter 13 debt-adjustment advice

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